A Challenge With Angela - Holding Things Together.

Boris + Patience visit Cancer Research

Pics to come



A Challenge With Thomas - Tesco's Mayhem...


Met lovely Claire at Tescos, she absolutely loved Thomas.  Was interested and very kind with regards to my interest and said, "I like your doll."  She happily agreed to take a photograph of me and Thomas.


Picture to follow once I've used up film and had it developed. 

Different Type of Reborn Challenge


The Australian online puzzle company Lovatts are running a 3 months short poem competition.


October's theme is 'pastimes' so I thought I might enter it. Here is the entry I will be submitting.




Looking after my Reborns,

Is the pastime of my week.

But because I’m a male disabled collector,

I get called a freak!

But my story is so genuine,

And looking after them does me good.

You see, I can’t have children of my own,

So, this is the nearest I get to parenthood.


If I win, I'll let you know! Didn't win 


Reborn Challenge With Simon the Monkey - Simon Says - Reborn Style!


Sunday the 5th of September 2021, a lovely day to do a Reborn Challenge at the annual Rotherham Show.  This also incorporated a visit to The Civic Theatre and several shops in town.  None of the people or places had any idea this was going to happen! 


Simon and myself today have met some wonderful and strange people along the way!


Starting off with Carol and Dawn (Community Security Wardens) at the Show.  Carol couldn't resist getting in on a sneaky photo with me and Simon!


Next, we met my friends Jo, Julie, Angela and Sylvia for a few photos in the newly refurbished Civic Theatre.  Simon was definitely keeping his eyes on Julie! (A few private words with him at home followed!)  Also, Simon pooped his nappy when Angela threatened to press the Ejector button... Thanks Angela for giving his Daddy a dirty job to do at home!


Next Simon and myself had a photo taken outside the Cancer Research shop in town, before I had to upset three teenage girls for mocking me having a Reborn. (yes... the 'f' word slipped out... so, I guess a few 'Hail Marys' will follow tonight!  Anyone know how many I should say??)


Next we met a couple begging us for £1 to buy a bottle of milk for a cup of coffee.  Before Simon got upset by a Tesco's Security Guard calling him a 'nice toy!'


Photos to follow in due time!




Janet Visits Crossroads Charity Shop and Rotherham Minster


To celebrate the 24th anniversary of my Mother's death, I took Janet to town.  (23rd September).  She met Rob and Julie.


Pics to follow.



A Visit To Cancer Research for Trottles.


Picture to follow


Ben in Scrivens Opticians.


Eye spy with my little eye... someone beginning with B!


Oh!  It's just Ben helping Daddy pick new specs...!


Picture to follow.


Two Deer Sighted in Rotherham!


Lunar and Marsden visit Rotherham... and were labelled as 'sick'!

I have had to call the vet out... another £200 vet bill... I couldn't pay it, was a little 'too dear'!


Photos to follow...




Roman Visits Cancer Research, Rotherham Hospice and Post Office.


Roman was happy to meet Lisa at Cancer Research before meeting Jess at the Rotherham Hospice for a piccy with Daddy!

Finally, he was trying to get paid at the post office... but Carol refused!  She even refused to get in on the photograph...

Before he was upset by a woman changing his gender and snorting at me to 'make HER behave'!

Then I was asked if he was crying... before he was being cooed over in Tesco's!

 Pics to follow...

Claire + Ruby visit Cancer Research


Pics to follow.



Anti-Bullying Week 2021


Day 1: November 15th 2021


Picture with Lisa Parkin (from Cancer Research)

Meeting two laughing people - shouted at them.

Coffee in Crossroads Charity shop.

Carols from the Betel Homeless Charity Choir.

Toilet stop.


All in 2hr 45mins!


Day 2: 16th November 2021


Chatted to Market traders.

Visited Becky in Breast Cancer Charity Shop.

Saw Carol (ex post office worker)

Had fish and chips (Turkish owner loved Patience!)

More negative/ignorant bullies met


All in 2h 20m!


Day 3:  17th November 2021


Chatted to Market traders.

Posted an item.


All in 45m! 


Day 4: 18th November 2021


Song about Bullying.... poor Rudolph!


Day 5: 19th November 2021


For the final day of Anti-Bullying Week 2021, I would like to share a couple more YouTube video's.


Video 1 - I Love Me campaign of Kidscape - my chosen charity for 2022.

Video 2 - Be Kind - Song written by Derek Ryan and sung by Owen Mac.


Kicking off Anti-bullying week 2021 in style with Lisa Parkin & Realborn Patience.

Bring Me Sunshine cover with baby Sunshine


Entry I've done for the latest Wiltshire Farm Foods competition.


Bring Me Sunshine

Never give up